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What is Estate Mapping™?

Our Estate Mapping™ process engages clients in a systematic method that provides definitive asset and liability awareness. Clients can visually see how their financial lives look, the intricacy of their holdings, and potential risks. We add value to the process by performing a risk assessment beyond portfolio allocation. Clients will know what risks, including market conditions, tax laws, and business risk their current strategy has them exposed. Coupling with our Portfolio Drag™ process, we provide improved value through the identification of fees and taxes that are a burden to your overall returns and offer tailored solutions to fill your needs.  

Your tailored solutions are provided through a transparent and understandable method. Our advisors utilize their experience and technical expertise to deliver a service focused on you and your family. As fiduciaries, our advisors are both legally and ethically bound to put the client first. We would not have it any other way and believe the trust provided in Carillon Advisors to be sacred. Our advisors work to be companions and not just providers.

How does it work?

We utilize a three-step process to develop a comprehensive financial plan that aligns your financial goals with your personal goals and values. Below we cover each step and your relative time commitment to each. 

Step One: Discovery

We aim to understand what money means to you and how it fits into your financial life — organizing your finances in a way to provide a clear picture of your current position. This step utilizes a questionnaire, statements you bring, and the experience of our advisors to capture all relevant information. We discuss your financial goals and establish your long, medium, and short-term targets. We focus on your dream objectives and then work together to clarify your every goal.

The session typically takes about 90 minutes and is the most time intensive part of the process for you.

Step Two: Mapping

We take the information gathered during the discovery process and begin to create your estate map. This step of the process utilizes the experience of the advisor and a multitude of financial software applications to develop a plan tailored to you. We analyze your entire financial situation and identify areas of risk and improvement. Our Portfolio Drag™ process is utilized to identify opportunities to increase the efficiency of your entire portfolio.

The time frame for completion of the mapping process can vary. Our advisors will give an approximate time for completion and provide regular updates on the process. The typical time for completion is three weeks.

Step Three: Presentation

We create an estate map and written a financial plan with actionable steps to get you on the path of pursuing financial independence. We provide a presentation of your estate map and written plan explaining the findings of the mapping process. At the end of the presentation, you are provided a list of actionable steps. From this point, you are in the driver seat. If you chose to have Carillon Advisors assist in the completion of your list, we would provide the next steps. If you decided to perform the list on your own, we are available for questions anytime.

The Mapping Presentation typically takes about 45 minutes to an hour.